Digital Arts

Spring 2018:

MUSC 283 – Music Technology: Foundations of Audio Recording and Production

TR 11:00-12:15

Tom Larson

A further exploration into the craft and art of scoring for visual media though practice, analysis and discussion. Advanced development of the creative and technical skills used in composing music for synchronization to picture.

MUSC 291Q: Special Topics in Digital Arts – Creative Coding: iOS Music App Development

Brian Moore

This course is an introduction to writing software for musical, creative and artistic contexts: Using iOS (iPhone and iPad) as a platform, you will learn the computer language Swift (the language which is the basis for native iOS applications) as well as Xcode, a professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Assumes no previous experience.

TR 12:30-1:20

ARTS 291Q: Special Topics in Digital Arts – Immersive Experience Design

Chris Irvin

Due to the popularity of transmedia, hyperlinked content, and virtual production, immersive design is providing storytellers and artists with innovative approaches that augment traditional linear storytelling. As a result, the future generation of artists and designers must be adept at working with all story-driven media and processes, including worldbuilding, interactive media, and live audience environments. This course will allow students to explore this shift in the media landscape as well as act as a platform for working in teams to create their own immersive narrative-based experiences.

TR 2:00-4:50

THEA 368 – Digital Media Production

Chris Irvin

This course is intended to provide an introduction to motion graphic design, digital art creation, and character animation. Students will learn to integrate visual, auditory, and spatial elements. Course content will consist of three interconnected areas: exploration of the creative process, application of motion graphic design, and utilization of various tools, technology, and software.

MW 2:30-4:15

PHOT 365: Time Based Media

Walker Pickering

PHOT 365 Time-Based Media is a three-credit course that explores various media that integrate a time component, including but not limited to video, stop-motion, and sound art. The content of this course builds on PHOT 161/261 and requires that students are familiar with using cameras and Adobe Creative Cloud.

MW 11:30-2:20

The Digital Arts Initiative is spearheaded by the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts and is a collaborative effort among faculty from the Department of Art and Art History, the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, and the Glenn Korff School of Music to provide interested students from all majors hands-on experience applying current technology to the arts.

Students at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln interested in the potential of collaboration with their peers in art, music, theatre, film, computer science, and related areas may also enjoy a focused study in digital arts. By expanding the student’s understanding of the application of technology in the arts, the Digital Arts Initiative will enhance the student’s creative options within their major. These elective classes will bring together students from various disciplines to share their unique perspectives. Faculty members include professionals who are committed to helping students achieve their full artistic and technical potential. Standards are rigorous, and expectations are high.