Equipment Checkout


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Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to facilitate your production of amazing works of art. If equipment is not returned on time, damaged, or lost/stolen, other students won’t be able to create their projects. Therefore, to ensure that all students get the most out of this class, please treat this equipment with respect and care.

All students taking a class that meets in Richards 17 receives N-Card access to the facility for the duration of the semester. Your access is with the following understanding:

  • Access is only for yourself - you are not permitted to bring other students/people to Richards 17. The only exception is if their presence is related to the class you are taking and must have prior approval of your professor. 
  • Richards 17 is under 24/7 closed circuit security camera surveillance
  • Please plan ahead and try NOT to use the space during scheduled classesPlease be aware that you may not be able to work in Richards 17 if there is a class present.

  • You are solely responsible for the equipment that you check out, including all accessories.

  • The University of Nebraska-Lincoln maintains full ownership and control of this equipment and its use. Under no circumstances may it be loaned to another person or institution. Equipment may be checked out for Digital Arts Initiative course projects ONLY.

  • Equipment may be checked out during times arranged by the instructor, usually during class. 

  • Equipment, regardless of which day it is checked out, is due back on the project end date as established by the Instructor and IT team. You will be alerted to the due date when you check out the equipment.

  • If equipment is not checked in on time, you will not be able to check out any other equipment until the late equipment is returned. For each day the equipment is late, you will be charged $5 for each item. Until the fine is paid, checkout privileges will be suspended and a hold placed on your records/registration. If the equipment is more than 14 days late it will be reported to the UNL Police as stolen UNL property.

  • Equipment will be made available for check out on a first-come, first-served basis. Special requests (multiple cameras, projectors, etc) must be arranged ahead of time with your instructor and the tech. In the event of a specific class project, some equipment may not be available for general checkout.

  • You will be charged for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment; your checkout privileges will be suspended and a hold placed on your records/registration until the charge is paid.

  • Check your camera bag, etc. before leaving. You are responsible to ensure it has everything (such as chargers, batteries, cables, etc.) you need. 

  • All equipment must be physically returned to Richards 17 for a check in to be completed for an additional checkout.