Digital Arts

 Spring 2015

THEA 387 Digital Animation

Monday and Wednesday  2:30 to 4:20

Professor Steve Kolbe

This course is an introduction to computer-generated animation.  The students will learn basic modeling techniques, core animation principles, texture mapping basics and lighting for digital environments.  The class will be introduced to these concepts using the software package, Maya. Students will learn to think and navigate in 3D space as they generate their own 3D models (both organic and non-organic), construct a basic character, learn to make objects move in 3D and explore the art of digital lighting.

ARTP 398 Special Topics in Art III

Monday and Wednesdays 11:30 to 2:20

Professor Elizabeth Ingraham

Draw, discover, visualize, transform. Document and communicate with video and sound Work more effectively in your discipline Boost your creativity. By instructor permission only Contact Elizabeth Ingraham, Associate Professor, Art & Art History 220 Richards Hall


The Digital Arts Initiative is spearheaded by the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts and is a collaborative effort among faculty from the Department of Art and Art History, the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, and the Glenn Korff School of Music to provide interested students from all majors hands-on experience applying current technology to the arts.

Students at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln interested in the potential of collaboration with their peers in art, music, theatre, film, computer science, and related areas may also enjoy a focused study in digital arts. By expanding the student’s understanding of the application of technology in the arts, the Digital Arts Initiative will enhance the student’s creative options within their major. These elective classes will bring together students from various disciplines to share their unique perspectives. Faculty members include professionals who are committed to helping students achieve their full artistic and technical potential. Standards are rigorous, and expectations are high.

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