Student Work

Digital Video Production

This course is designed to be an overview of narrative storytelling using digital processes and techniques. Students were taken through the various creative aspects of: preproduction (creative writing, storyboarding, shot planning, contracts and location scouting), production (shooting and directing) and post-production (editing, visual effects, DVD authoring) Each of the students in this course created two short films (maximum 4 minutes in length) and were actively involved in peer critiques throughout the entire creative process. The majority of the films were shot on HD cameras that the students could check out, however a few of them opted instead to shoot on their own equipment to achieve a specific look. The class learned to use Photoshop to create their shot plans, Final Cut Pro to edit their films and DVD Studio Pro to author their DVDs for their final project. Videos below from fall 2010.

Static Image

Tony Nguyen photo
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Tony Nguyen Hollywood Citizen, Digital Collage, 2010 27” x 40” For the final project in his Digital Arts Static Image course, Tony Nguyen chose to create a self-portrait digital collage comprised of movie posters. The objectives of the final project were to apply the software and techniques learned over the semester into an artistic piece. Hollywood Citizen consists of 234 films ranging from 1915 to 2009. The films that were included were chosen based on either iconic status of the film or the art of the poster itself. Nearly 300 layers of Photoshop were used. Hollywood Citizen won the Dean’s Purchase Award in the 2011 Annual Undergraduate Exhibition. It is currently displayed in the Dean’s Office in the Woods Art Building.