Faculty / Staff

The Digital Arts Initiative utilizes a diverse group of faculty from all areas of the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts.
These teachers are professionally involved in their field of expertise, bringing wide-ranging knowledge to their classrooms.

Please select from the list below for more information on a specific faculty member:

  • Steve Kolbe - Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film
  • Damon Lee - Glenn Korff School of Music
  • Michael Reinmiller- Deans office staff



 Photo of Steve Kolbe

Steve Kolbe
Assistant Professor
Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film
Office: Mary Riepma Ross 210
Email: skolbe2@unl.edu

Steve Kolbe (Assistant Professor) is the latest faculty member to join the Film and New Media faculty in the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film. His career in the television and film industry began 1992 when he interned on commercial film shoots for an advertising agency Omaha, Nebraska. Graduating from the University of Kansas in 1994 with a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design, Kolbe found that he enjoyed the production and post-production processes of making commercials more than the advertising side of the projects. Steve dabbled in 3D on his own as a freelancer in the Omaha market and soon joined the Omaha production company, North Sea Films where he evolved into an editor, compositor and 3D artist.

In 1998 he moved to Dallas, TX and attended the Art Institute to further develop his 3D talents. By 1999, he was actively involved in the Paramount Pictures film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Following the success of the film, Kolbe stayed in Dallas and worked for several years as Technical Director and Layout artist on the subsequent Jimmy Neutron television series. By 2001, Kolbe had moved to Los Angeles where he continued working on a wide range movies, television shows and commercials. In addition to his teaching responsibilities at UNL, Kolbe continues to work as Digital Supervisor and consultant for major Hollywood 3D animation studios.

Computer animation, motion graphics, visual effects





Damon Thomas Lee (b. 1975 in Lansing, Michigan), composer of instrumental, electro-acoustic, and multimedia works, studied at the Eastman School of Music and Cornell University. In Germany, he was a Chancellor Fellow from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, artist-in-residence at the KlangRaumKrems Minoritenkirche in Krems an der Donau (Austria), guest artist at ZKM (The Center for Art and Media Technology) | Institute for Music & Acoustics, and Lecturer in Music Informatics at the University of Music Karlsruhe. He has received a number of honors for his artistic and academic activities including a “Landesgraduiertenförderungspreise,” for electroacoustic composition.

His works have been performed by groups like the Ensemble Modern, Ensemble ecco, and the Badische Staatskapelle. Screenings of his video artworks have been shown in film festivals in Paris, Munich, and Manila, and sound design works for collaborator Lida Abdul have been exhibited extensively in leading museums worldwide. In 2010 Damon joined the faculty of the UNL Glenn Korff School of Music as Assistant Professor of Digital Arts and Music Composition.





 Michael Reinmiller

Michael Reinmiller

Digital Arts Support Technician
  |  (402) 472-9335

Michael assists students, faculty, and staff and works in the new digital arts studio in Richards Hall room 17. This area was designed with collaborative work in mind; by bringing together the best in software and hardware, the space enables students to have their talents both seen and heard. The Digital Arts Initiative is spearheaded by the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts in collaboration with each of its three departments. It provides interested students from all majors hands-on experience applying current technology to the arts.